Beach Chairs

Beach Basket - or better known as "Strandkoerbe" Hand Made in Germany

A beach basket? What is a beach basket? If you have ever been to the German North or Baltic coast you will probably know the answer to this question. If not, then it's time to discover one of the peculiarities of German beach life.

A beach basket is not used for carrying things to the beach nor is it even a basket in the normal sense of the word. In fact, it is a special beach chair that protects you from the sun, rain and, more importantly, the Baltic wind. It's called a 'basket' because the first ones were made of wicker using the same techniques used for regular baskets. Nowadays, they are normally made with PVC strips instead of wicker but they are still bound in the same way. The inside is always pretty, colorful and very comfortable. There are little, fold-out tables inside which you can use when eating for your lunch. The 'roof', or hood, is flexible and can be folded back to let in lots of sun or pulled over tightly to shut out the wind and rain. Enjoy a snooze in the warm summer weather by reclining the back and relax!
Oh no, not just for the beach but for your patio around the pool or just as an out door lounging area!


The first beach baskets were built in the North German seaside town of Warnemünde more than a 100 years ago, in 1882. The German basket-maker Wilhelm Bartelmann built the first one for a lady who was looking for a sheltered and comfortable place to sit on the beach. It was called a 'beach chair' and was a one-seater. Today, beach baskets are made to fit two people.

Info on our gorgeous and super comfy Model "Camden" Beach Chairs

- 100 % Indonesian Teak
- 100 % Vinyl Weave
-  All metal parts are made of rust proof and salt water resistant Aluminum
-  Re-Tracktable roofs are adjustable horizontally adjustable to lay flat and makes "Napping" super comfy!
    Re-Tracks 45 degrees
- 2 Pull Out Tables
- 2 Pull Out Foot Rests - Height Adjustable
- 2 Arm Rests
- Each Beach Basket comes with cover
- Cushions are treated with Scotch Guard and Teflon to prevent mildew and stains
- Cushions have zippers for easy cleaning/washing ( in cold water only /Wash machine )

How to order:

Strandkorb (call for pricing) including freight from Germany to our warehouse in Florida.
Leadtime: Approx. 10-12 weeks

Please call for freight quote to your destination



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